Introducing the Clarivate Analytics Ranking Simulator

On May 3, 2017, Clarivate Analytics released the first phase of its Ranking Simulator. In conjunction with the launch of the Reuters ranking of Europe’s Most Innovative Universities, users can now explore possible scenarios by simulating changes in the indicator values and seeing how every change affects the position of these top European universities.

Powered by data derived from the Web of Science and InCites, the Ranking Simulator measures on the following key 10 indicators:

  • Patent Volume
  • Patent Success
  • Global Patents
  • Patent-to-Patent Citations
  • Patent-to-Patent Citation Impact
  • Percent Patents Cited
  • Patent to Article Citation Impact
  • Industry Article to Article Citation Impact
  • Percent Industry Collaborative Articles
  • Total Web of Science Core Collection Papers

The simulations can help users answer questions like “What if we increase the patent volume by 20%?” or “I expect the patent success to shrink by 10%. What are the consequences?”

This is the first phase of many in the rollout of the Ranking Simulator, and users can expect APAC universities to be added next with the upcoming release of the Reuters Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities ranking in June.


This simulator is available free of charge and can be accessed here