virtual reality

Virtual Reality: Evolution through Time

According to the latest IDC report, the Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) market is forecast to grow 100% year on year for the next 4 years. Annual growth on total spending for VR/AR products and services is projected at 113% with estimated spending worldwide to hit $215Bn by 2021. Massive growth projections are fueling the […]

Transformational technology – a look at the virtual reality patent landscape

Virtual reality is probably best known amongst the gaming community, but its roots can be traced back to the military which was an early adopter for training purposes such as flight simulation or simulated combat situations. Beyond gaming and military applications, other uses abound. Virtual reality is being used to design cars and buildings, for […]

Digital health news update: Merger mania; advertising’s existential dillema

Walgreens is expanding its telehealth deal with MDLive to cover behavioral therapy virtual visits as part of a broader mental health offering. Fortune notes that it “gives Walgreens an important touchpoint with payers, providers and patients: drug adherence.” Fitbit CEO James Park told investors and analysts that the company is looking to go deeper on […]