Clarivate Patient Centricity Report Underscores Need for Evolution from Selling Products to Building Relationships

Harnessing data sources and methodologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, can enable companies to meet patient needs in an age of targeted medicines

Clarivate Patient Centricity Report Underscores Need for Evolution from Selling Products to Building Relationships

LONDON, U.K. March 23, 2022– Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, today announced the release of a new report, Walking the talk on patient centricity: An actionable and measurable model for life science companies, which provides analysis of personalized patient engagement and identifies the key pillars of patient centricity. The report explores how companies can infuse an ethos of patient centricity throughout their operations, measure effective patient centricity, ensure return on investment in patient-centered efforts and identify what a mature patient-centric organization looks like – with actionable steps that companies can take to build and strengthen their organizations.

A broad trend toward greater patient centeredness has been underway in the healthcare industry for more than a decade, but the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the urgency of realizing this cultural transformation. Successful life science companies are already beginning to build toward a world of personalized medicines. These companies are reorienting their organizations and cultures around patient need, establishing the processes, tools and expertise needed to gather and act upon patient insights and using these insights to generate feedback loops that enhance outcomes and empower patients in their care.

While this transition will be a gradual process, life science organizations laying the foundations today stand to realize great value for the patients they serve, as well as their investors. This year’s report finds four pillars of patient centricity which will enable organizations to produce increasingly personalized and targeted drugs and biologics to better defined patient groups.

  • Data inputs: It is critical to obtain social sentiment analysis, primary market research to capture patient voices, real world data to identify patient cohorts, potentially inform biomarker and indication targeting ‘real world data and social analytics.
  • Patient involvement: Gaining insight into the patient experience and seeing how patients prioritize their needs is critical throughout the preclinical phase. As a drug, device or diagnostic is going to market, patients need to be informed and educated about it, and life sciences companies need to be attuned to their feedback to maximize adoption and patient benefit.
  • A customer experience (CX) approach: Patient organizations can provide critical input at this phase. Are they being kept apprised of shifts in strategy (e.g., pursuing one indication over another) and the reasons behind them? How can companies meet patients where they’re at with information, education and support? What barriers to access and utilization are patients meeting, and how can they be surmounted? In a recent survey, 35% of U.S. patients report having been non-compliant with treatment after filling a prescription with 44% of non-compliant patients saying their doctor talked to them about the importance of taking their medication as prescribed.[1]
  • A real-world mindset: How do patients view their condition and treatments? What are their most pressing concerns and unmet needs? What sorts of solutions would help them address these pain points? As drugs, devices and diagnostics move out of a clinical environment and into the real world, there are always unanticipated hitches, from market access to package design. Are companies attuned to the challenges confronting patients in accessing and getting value from their products?

The full Patient Centricity Report can be accessed here.


Mike Ward, Global Head of Life Sciences and Healthcare Thought Leadership, Clarivate: “Alongside the growing trend for precision and personalized medicines it is becoming increasingly apparent that insights from patients can have a positive impact across the whole of the discovery, development and delivery timeline of new treatments. The challenge is how companies can best ensure that those insights are efficiently incorporate into their discovery and development processes.”

Clarivate is committed to supporting customers across the entire drug, device and medical technology lifecycles to advance, create and protect innovation. By combining patient journey data, therapeutic area expertise, artificial intelligence and analytics in ways that unlock hidden insights, data-driven decisions and accelerate innovation, Clarivate’s end-to-end research intelligence is designed to enable customers to make informed evidence-based decisions and better understand the changing landscape.

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Methodology for the Report

Clarivate contributors analyzed multiple data sets and partnered with internal and external subject matter experts, industry executives and patient advocates to provide analysis of patient centricity in the life science industries. Leveraging data and insights from Clarivate patient surveys and studies of the life sciences commercial landscape, the report provides a unified view of the state of patient centricity and company efforts toward greater patient-directedness.

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[1] Source: Cybercitizen Health U.S. 2021; Clarivate, [online], Available at:

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