Customer training and industry webinars

Trusted by 80% of the world’s Top 50 generic and API manufacturers, Newport Premium enables companies of all sizes, business models, strategies and geographic reach to quickly grow their product portfolios, find exclusive API suppliers, penetrate new markets, identify partners and monitor their competition.

Newport Premium is the most advanced product targeting, global business development and API intelligence system from the industry authority on the global generics market.

5 tips to get more from Newport (30 mins + Q&A)

We’ve all been there. We’re getting huge value from a piece of software or database – but we know there’s got to be more. More that could save us time. More that could help us dive deeper into the data. More that would ensure we don’t miss important updates. Just more.

We’ve designed this quick webinar for new and experienced users to help you learn what you don’t know about Newport.  To help you get more.  Here’s just some of time saving tips you’ll learn how to do:

  1. Track updates to drug and company API manufacturing status, DMF, Deals info and more -as shown next.
  2. Filter out company types or product types from your search results allowing you to focus on just the companies or products of interest.
  3. Export data to Excel, Word or HTML making it easy to add Newport data to your data or share with colleagues.
  4. Explore more detailed patent and US market searching data.
  5. Save searches so you can rerun them at anytime.

Simply register for one session below and find out everything you knew you didn’t know about Newport. There will also be an optional Q&A time after for added guidance.

Monday, July 16th @ 9am San Francisco / 11am Chicago / 12:00 pm New York RegisterTuesday, July 17th @ 9am New York / 2pm London / 3pm Paris RegisterWednesday, July 18th @ 9am London / 10am Paris Register

Newport Essentials (40 mins + optional Q&A)

How familiar are you with Newport?  Whether you are a new user or only use the tool occasionally, you’ll benefit from learning how to quickly find patent information, regulatory data and unique API intelligence validated by experts.

This target and analysis tool can quickly answer questions that could take hours, days or even weeks to answer when you have to check multiple sources of information. For example, Newport will help you evaluate potential business partners and competitors in terms of experience, variety of portfolio and markets they serve.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Find reliable sources of API for your key products.
  • Identify recent PIV certifications in the US.
  • Benchmark your products against competitors.
  • Target drugs expected to go generic in your market in the next few years following your own strategy in terms of API availability, dose forms, sales volumes and trends -as shown below.

Join us online to learn more about Newport in 40 minutes + optional Q&A.

Tuesday, June 5th @ 9am New York / 2pm London / 3pm Paris RegisterWednesday, July 11th @ 9am New York / 2pm London / 3pm Paris Register