IP management round-up: year-end reflections

As we say goodbye to 2022 and look forward to the year ahead, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the topics we covered in our blog series on IP lifecycle management. Throughout the second half of the year, Clarivate™ thought leaders explored fascinating dimensions of intellectual property, as well as highlighted tips for simplifying and modernizing IP management. In case you missed any insights, here’s a round-up of the 2022 blog series.


Climate innovations

We kicked off the series with a post exploring the world of climate innovation through the lens of IP. Here, we examined how innovators are addressing the challenge of climate change through patents in the areas of transportation, buildings, energy and food. Examples ranged from electrically powered aircraft to energy storage using gravity to plant-based meat alternatives.


Selecting an IP management solution

Noel Young, Senior Product Development and Strategy Leader at Clarivate, covered 10 factors to consider when selecting an IP management system (IPMS) provider. IPMS have evolved considerably over the past decade; so too have the requirements of law firm and corporate IP teams.

In this blog Noel explored the key solution factors to consider, including reputation, integration, security and performance, workflow management, collaboration capabilities, IDS management, training and support, and more.


Maximizing value through IP management

Is there measurable value in getting IP management right? That question was examined by Glen Nath, Head of IP Software Products and Consulting in this insightful post.

Glen showed how modernizing and unifying IP management can add up to significant savings—potentially up to $37 million over five years through reduced system overhead costs, improved process efficiencies and reductions in wasted patent filing and maintenance costs. He also briefed readers on how unified IP lifecycle management approach at Clarivate enables corporate organizations and law firms to realize those savings today.


Choosing the right IP support services partner

As law firms and corporate legal teams look to increase their efficiency and agility, engaging a legal service provider for administrative support of IP operations makes sense. But how do you choose the right partner?

Andrew Proctor, VP Patent Services, explained how Clarivate IP Administrative Services offer an ideal solution. Our unique combination of advantages include a full-lifecycle service solution, global scale, proven best practices and solid track record over nearly 20 years serving clients worldwide.


Clarivate leadership recognized

Clarivate received special recognition in Hyperion Global Partners’ 2022 MarketView™ Report for IP Management Systems for Law Firms and Corporations.

In a September blog post, Glen Nath noted that both IPfolio™ and FoundationIP™ were named Advanced Solutions, reinforcing  leadership from Clarivate in this competitive space. He explained the specific advantages of each solution that led to their recognition by Hyperion, as well as our solution strategy for an evolving innovation landscape.

As we look ahead, 2023 is potentially shaping up to be a turbulent year for organizations with economic headwinds in the global forecast. How will the shifting economic and political landscape impact the practice of intellectual property management and protection? We’ll be exploring what this means to IP teams in the months ahead. Stay tuned for new posts on timely topics in 2023!

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