Choosing an IP support services partner is easier than you think

As law firms and corporate legal teams look to increase their efficiency and agility, engaging a legal service provider for administrative support of IP operations makes sense. But in a crowded marketplace of service providers, how do you choose the right partner?

For legal teams using Clarivate™ IP management solutions for IP management the choice is simple: Clarivate IP Administrative Services.

For nearly 20 years, we have delivered administrative services that help IP attorneys and corporate counsel manage growth while staying focused on what they do best: providing strategic advice to their clients and business leaders.

Only Clarivate can offer you all of these advantages:

Comprehensive service solution

Our service offering spans the entire IP lifecycle—from pre-filing to filing and prosecution to post-grant support and ongoing IP maintenance. We tailor solutions to each customer’s needs—whether you need help with the intake of a new portfolio, expert filing support, docketing and prosecution support or a complete solution that includes data verification, reference management, annuity management and more.

Unmatched Clarivate IPMS expertise

No one knows the Clarivate IP management systems (IPMS) like our IP Administrative team. Their expertise ensure you reap the full benefits of our technology to streamline processes, improve accuracy and optimize management of your IP rights. As new platform capabilities become available, our team is ready to adopt them so you immediately benefit from the ‘latest and greatest’ features—something third parties can’t promise. Our IP Administrative team also plays a role in helping guide enhancements, so your changing needs can influence our technology roadmap.

“Clarivate employees consistently deliver extraordinary service. Their flexible business approach in meeting my requirements allows me and my firm to continue what we do without having to disrupt our processes or to conform to other external processes.”

Global scale and reach

Our IP Administrative team is 800+ strong—one of the largest full-time teams in the IP support services industry. Many of our paralegal, docketing and filing specialists have more than a decade of experience supporting both law firms and corporates. With delivery centers in the United States, India and Europe, we offer a ’follow the sun’ model that accelerates delivery. We tailor resources to meet the needs of each engagement, blending on-shore and off-shore expertise as required to provide the optimal support solution. We’re also flexible, scaling up rapidly to handle large projects and scaling down as needed to maximize cost efficiency.

Proven best practices

To ensure consistent quality, our IP Administrative team applies standardized, global best practices honed over years of experience with hundreds of customers. Unlike most companies in the IP support services marketplace, Clarivate has a dedicated in-house training team. Program modules cover a range of topics, including foundational IP knowledge and role-specific training on tasks and processes, with written exams to validate knowledge acquisition. On average, onboarded support professionals undergo 150+ hours of training and experienced team members take regular refresher courses.

Solid track record

The Clarivate IP Administrative team has a proven record, serving more than 190 customers worldwide. To date, they have handled 2.2 million dockets, filed 12,000 applications, prepared 30,000 IDS, validated 54,000 IP invoices and proofread 11,550 patents… and counting.

For law firms and corporate legal teams looking to improve their efficiency and responsiveness to ever-growing work volumes, Clarivate IP Administrative Services offer an attractive solution. In fact, our service offering is one more compelling reason to adopt our industry-leading IP management systems.

You have a lot of complex decisions in your daily work. Fortunately, the choice of a service provider to support your IP operations is an easy one: Clarivate IP Administrative Services.

Ready to up your IP management game while driving new levels of speed and efficiency? Contact us today to learn how Clarivate IP Admin Services can help your legal team.