Peer Review

Solving the Mystery of Peer Review for Predatory Journals

From its earliest days, Publons™ has championed transparency in peer review. We believe that it is only by fully understanding the peer review process that we can support and recognise underappreciated peer reviewers, identify the faults that plague the system, and improve it. One such fault is that predatory publishers and journals often claim legitimacy […]

Find and advance the hottest new research in your field, step-by-step

Keeping up with breakthrough research is no easy feat. Helping to advance that breakthrough research is even harder – especially if you’re a new academic. Luckily, it doesn’t always need to involve years in the lab. The latest Research Fronts™ report gives you quick insight into hot and emerging research heating up across the scientific […]

Peer review duo create new tool in psychology research

From mentor to co-author: the Publons Academy helped to form an international collaboration  Lilian Jans-Beken couldn’t believe her luck when her assigned mentor for the Publons Academy was leading clinical psychologist, Paul Wong. The PhD student and Professor Emeritus have since moved beyond peer review and formed an international collaboration in which they developed, validated, […]

In all its forms, peer review fosters world-class research

In September of 2018, Publons, a Clarivate Analytics company, released its inaugural “Global State of Peer Review” report, the largest ever report to examine how the institution of peer review is responding to changes in journal publishing. Publons is ideally positioned to produce this report, having taken the lead in organizing reviewers by providing a […]

6 tips to secure a peer review invitation

This article was originally published on on September 6, 2018. Read now. It’s not easy breaking into the world of peer review. It often requires publishing articles and then waiting for editors to contact you. That’s a slow process for early-career researchers, who want to put their foot on the accelerator and benefit from […]

For Peer Review Week, thoughts from award-winning reviewers

September 10th marks the beginning of Peer Review Week 2018, the latest annual celebration of peer reviewing and its importance in maintaining standards of quality and integrity in research and scientific communication. The week’s official activities include webinars and workshops devoted to this year’s theme: Diversity in Peer Review. One of the organizing partners of […]

What’s new in the ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 release

Preventing peer review fraud Peer review, at the heart of research, is the last bastion safeguarding the integrity of science. Maintaining the vigor and trustworthiness of this process is critical; otherwise all of scholarly communication is at risk. In an effort to assist publishers with identifying potentially fraudulent peer reviews, the upcoming ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 […]

Sneak Peek at Peer Review Week

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the activities you’ll see from the Clarivate and Publons teams next week during Peer Review Week 2017.

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