On-demand Webinar

Tapping the power of AI to transform your brand IP processes

Harnessing AI to tackle the challenge of brand complexity

Milan Milojevic
Vice President, Brand IP
David Marques
Principal Consultant, Litigation Products & Strategy
Prudence Malinki (Moderator)
Senior Manager, Global Industry Relations
Vanessa Clabau
Director of Global Search Products

With more than 85 million active trademarks worldwide and 14 million new applications filed in 2021 alone, information overload serves as a paramount challenge for intellectual property (IP) professionals and brand owners. Evaluating potential new brands and protecting existing brands are increasingly complex tasks, requiring professionals to assess trademarks, current market factors, as well as evaluate the competition and to predict hypothetical litigation outcomes.

Join us as we discuss how new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are playing a crucial role in tackling the complex challenges of intelligent risk analysis and trademark research. Examples will include insights on how Clarivate™ harnesses AI technology to deliver innovative trademark solutions that bring data and intelligence together in new ways.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • The problems AI solves in IP research
  • How to gain new IP insights by simply combining AI with multiple datasets
  • A review of what makes an AI tool effective for conducting brand research and analysis
  • How AI complements human expertise, empowering IP professionals to work faster and more effectively
  • An introduction to Clarivate AI-powered solutions for new brand analysis and trademark protection decision-making