Gaining momentum on IP Lifecycle Management transformation

With 2022 now well underway, this is a good opportunity to reflect on the progress Clarivate™ is making towards elevating IP management with integrated IP Lifecycle Management. A lot has been achieved over the past six months since our initial announcement, with more exciting developments ahead.


Advancing integration

Back in July, we announced the integration of our CompuMark™ trademark solutions into IPfolio™ and FoundationIP™ IP management software (IPMS) solutions for corporations and law firms. This is part of our long-term strategy to remove friction from IP management processes by connecting the IP ecosystem. By empowering customers to make critical decisions with greater speed and confidence, Clarivate can help organizations manage their portfolios in ways that unlock the full value of their IP assets.

That was only the beginning. In the second half of 2021, we unveiled enhancements across the entire Clarivate IP Lifecycle Management portfolio. We focused on three key areas:

  • Connecting the IP ecosystem, facilitating end-to-end collaboration across tasks and data sets. This includes improved inventor collaboration within Unycom, allowing customers to work through tasks interactively.
  • Intelligent IP management, leveraging data in ways that provide actionable insights. One example of this is our new renewal budget management capabilities in Patrawin™ so customers can streamline the transfer of renewal budget numbers from their IPMS to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Control (client portal).
  • Operational excellence, delivering advanced task management and smart docketing to drive greater efficiency and quality. This includes an intuitive new design for the Prior-Art module in Inprotech, reducing the learning curve for new staff while supporting new functionality.


Unveiling hybrid-cloud capabilities

Looking ahead, this year we will deliver the first hybrid-cloud capabilities for Clarivate solutions—in Memotech™ and The IP Management System (TIPMS)—bringing these solutions one step closer to a truly integrated IP Lifecycle Management model.

This hybrid-cloud approach is the Clarivate strategy for extending our portfolio of IP management solutions, while respecting the significant investment our customers have placed into these same solutions. By combining existing IPMS resources with new cloud-based functionality, we can enhance our customers’ current systems with new capabilities.

Building on the new connected trademark capabilities unveiled in 2021, we can offer these same capabilities to our Memotech and TIPMS customers using the hybrid-cloud model. Soon, these customers will experience seamless access to trademark data validation and enrichment, integrated Search and Watch, and real-time insights through improved analytics and dashboards.

These are a few examples of how Clarivate is working to transform IP Lifecycle Management with innovations that help our customers work smarter, faster and with greater confidence by bringing Clarivate’s world-class data and services together on the IP Lifecycle Management platform.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress as we continue to make enhancements. You can also read more about our vision for the future of IP in our ongoing blog series. In the meantime, thank you for your continued trust and partnership.


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