On-Demand Webinar

Evolving the Web of Science to help you thrive in a complex landscape

Keith Collier
Senior Vice President, Science Group
Nandita Quaderi
Editor-in-Chief, Web of Science
Martin Szomszor
Director, Institute for Scientific Information
Robert Poolman
Vice President, Web of Science

In today’s era of declining public trust in science, international political uncertainty, and the global pandemic, stakeholders across the research landscape face increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of research while navigating an environment of increasing competition and complexity.

However at the same time, technological advances and the rise of open research present exciting opportunities for researchers working across government, industry, and academia to collaborate to innovate.

For over 60 years, Web of Science™ has provided you with the industry-leading data, analysis, and expertise you need to fund, conduct, and publish research that solves the world’s most pressing challenges and pushes the boundaries of the known universe. Now, we are building advanced resources and tools designed to accelerate the pace of discovery, increase the transparency and visibility of open research, better support your strategic funding and investment decisions, and facilitate wider and deeper collaborations across the research community.

In this webinar, Keith Collier, Senior Vice President of the Science Group at Clarivate, shares our Web of Science vision for 2021 and beyond, including insights into the trends informing our investments.