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Brand Landscape Analyzer is brand new tool designed to help brand professionals assess the viability of new brands in a fraction of the time it takes today. Aggregating brand, legal and commercial data within a single platform, Brand Landscape Analyzer allows you to interrogate multiple key determinants of brand viability simultaneously.


Designed to tackle many of the most arduous aspects of assessing a new brand, Brand Landscape Analyzer simplifies and accelerates the increasingly complex art of new brand development.

  • Determine trademark and brand viability faster
  • Replace fragmented tools and research processes with a single, integrated solution
  • Evaluate the risk of conflicts from multiple perspectives with a single query
  • Accelerate advice and decision making on the viability of new brand candidates

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Brand Landscape Analyzer enables you to assess new brands against the most comprehensive database of trademark, domain and case law data ever created. Results are surfaced through an intuitive interface that enables you to rapidly analyze the viability of a new brand from multiple perspectives, empowering you to refine your focus on the most viable contenders within minutes rather than days.

  • Review and refine results, all in one place – combining global brand, domain, case law and in-use data within a single interactive tool, enables you to focus your analysis on the most viable candidates faster than ever before
  • Dive deeper into the data – Brand Landscape Analyzer presents the most significant factors at a glance, but also guides you through layers of increasingly detailed analysis to help you build a comprehensive opinion on which to base your advice and decisions
  • Export and share information seamlessly – share the results of your analysis with broader stakeholders through clear and intuitive visualizations that highlight the key risks and advantages of new brand candidates enabling you to make decisions with clarity and speed

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Early Adopter Program

Scheduled for general availability in January 2023, the tool is now available to a limited number of customers as part of an early adoption program.

Membership of the early adopter program entitles you to be amongst the first to experience the powerful capabilities of this new tool at a significantly discounted rate, as well as the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future development of this exciting new solution.

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