Give your proposed brands the advantage of CompuMark’s high quality approach to trademark research. Our analyst-led U.S. Full search is our gold standard report, providing the trusted information you need to make critical trademark decisions with more certainty. Reduce the risk of a costly trademark conflict with the thorough search results you can trust.

Quality content

Get the confidence that comes from searching high quality source data. Our dedicated quality team reviews and cross-references every USPTO record before it enters our database to help catch and correct errors.

Comprehensive coverage

Our experienced Analysts search for identical and confusingly similar marks for all your goods and services across USPTO and state trademark databases and other primary sources.

Common law depth and breadth

We leave no stone unturned, searching both traditional and online sources—including general and industry-specific databases and websites, domain names and the leading search engine.

Time-saving analysis and collaboration

Get more done in less time with the Analysis Tool on SERION®. Pinpoint key results quickly. Instantly link to USPTO records. Create custom reports in seconds. Manage international search projects easily with SERION® Online Collaboration. Review results anytime, anywhere with our Trademark Analysis app for the iPad®.

Dig into the details

Review 2(d) refusal information in USPTO office actions. Sharpen your industry focus with Web Search Extensions. Add Detailed Owner Information from Dun & Bradstreet® records.

U.S. Full Search special options
Extend or focus your search coverage easily and cost-effectively with a variety of optional additions.

Acronym Search

We search both the acronym and the full, spelled-out name to provide more information.

Brand Expansion

Adds goods and services coverage spanning three or more sets of unrelated goods or services.

Company Name

Adds business name and corporate name coverage, including identical business names registered in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

U.S. Full Industry Searches

Target industry-related sources to uncover even more relevant results.

Pharmaceutical Search XC

Covers specialized pharmaceutical sources, including our authentic U.S. POCA to help predict when a proposed name may not pass the FDA’s drug name safety evaluation.

Dilution Search

See if a mark or term is commonly used for targeted goods, services and classes.

Alcoholic Beverage Label Search

Adds a search of labels filed at the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Entertainment Search

Combines our U.S. Full Search and U.S. Title Search to provide comprehensive coverage for clearing entertainment names. Satisfies Errors & Omissions insurance requirements.

Trusted Insight at Every Step

CompuMark is the only search provider with solutions that encompass your entire clearance process with the added advantage of choice.

We’re Here for You

Need help? Our experienced trademark specialists are here for you 24 hours a day, five days a week in six languages. Complimentary training helps you tap the full power of SAEGIS®.