Demystifying the 5G standard essential patent landscape with manual SEP analysis

In a new report, Clarivate patent analysts Gaurav Sawant, Parijat Oak and Ed White identify core patents to 5G standards.

With a report published in August 2020, Demystifying the 5G standard essential patent landscape, we presented the statistics of patents declared as essential to 5G standards. This analysis was a first step to understanding the 5G standard essential patent landscape. As discussed then, manual review of the declared patents would then be necessary to assess overlap of the patent claims with the declared 5G standards. This phase would allow us to identify core patents from the declared patent landscape.

As a next step, our SEP experts conducted an extensive study, manually analyzing more than 14,300 declared patent families that had at least one granted patent against the declared 5G standards. We found that nearly 22% of declared patent families had a high overlap with the declared standards and are therefore ‘core’ to 5G standards.

Almost three quarters of the core patents are held by six companies: Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Ericsson and Qualcomm.

To learn more, read the full report by downloading via the form to the right of this post.