Scientific Research in East Africa: key trends and observations

East African research output has grown rapidly over the last 12 years, and the region represents a solid scientific environment that is playing an increasingly important role in global science.   “With positive growth trajectory predicted over the medium term, the EAC has a good chance of reaching a developmental tipping point.” (Mwangi, S. Kimenyi […]

A Snapshot view of East Africa

Intellectuals have a special contribution to make to the development of a nation, and to Africa. And I am asking that their knowledge, and the greater understanding that they should possess, should be used for the benefit of the society of which we are all members. Julius Kambarage Nyerere, first president of Tanzania, from his […]

Recent Advances & Trends – South Africa’s Top 5 Innovative Universities

What are the recent advances and trends in the scientific research and innovation outputs of South African universities? We have taken a retrospective look at the Top 5 Innovative Universities in South Africa, examining what these institutions are doing in relation to collaborative and industry partners and their conversion of science into innovation. North-West University […]