On-Demand Recording

Innovation and expertise for a hungry planet

When your corporation is competing to satisfy the world’s appetite, overlooking even a few critical research papers can make a profound difference.

Tom Zamojcin
Solutions consultant

The precision agriculture, food safety and sustainability efforts of today are engrained in the global strategies and technological priorities of the future.

In this on-demand recording, learn how using Clarivate’s Web of Science and InCites tools can help you harvest the critical information needed to advance and promote multidisciplinary scientific leadership in the agricultural, food, and nutraceutical markets.

View the recording to find out how you can:
– Keep track of the latest agribusiness research and detect emerging trends.
– Find out which academic institutions your competitors are funding.
– Identify the Key Opinion Leaders in your research area.
– Discover which funders sponsor agribusiness research and who they are funding.