Top 100 New Brands 2022

Top 100 New Brands 2022 from Clarivate spotlights the diverse landscape of the new brands space.
Drawing on our industry-leading collection of intellectual property content, we calibrate a New Brands “brandscape” for the very first time – a fascinating mix of brand-new brands, those arising from corporate mergers, re-branding and brand line extensions.

Diving into the Clarivate trademark library that contains more than 130 million individual trademark records, we analyzed over 20 million new applications filed worldwide between 2020 and 2021 with a verbal (word) element and uncovered the following:

  • Where Top 100 New Brands are emanating from
  • Technology, digitalization and healthcare trends
  • New faces of the modern brand identity
  • Brand owners with multiple brands in the top 100

By calibrating the New Brands landscape, we deliver valuable new knowledge that will empower brand creators to develop and grow successful new brands, with confidence and at speed.