The road ahead: Sustainable vehicles today and in the future

Discovering valuable intelligence with unified IP analysis and research insights

Electric vehicles (EVs) may make up just 2.6% of global car sales today, but are expected to reach 10% of global passenger sales by 2025 and account for over half by 2040.

Sustainability has become a strategic imperative as the world continues to accelerate towards sustainable transportation, and the competitive landscape is rapidly evolving and challenging the dominance of traditional automotive manufacturers.

Our newest report, “The road ahead: Sustainable vehicles today and in the future,” uses the power of unified IP and augments it with a view of academic research to uncover hidden insights on the global EVs industry.

In the report, our team analyzes:

  • EV’s innovation activity on an upward trajectory since the turn of the new millennium
  • Government’s role and the wide-ranging policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Where the ideas and intellectual property assets are being produced, geographically
  • How well-protected brands in the automotive industry tend to be on the leading edge of security, brand protection, and digital commercialization
  • An in-depth comparison of the Top 75 entities in the EV ecosystem
  • The potential of EV related technologies and the opportunities that lie ahead