Your best-in-class patent annuities service

By choosing our market-leading renewals service, formally by CPA Global, your IP could not be in safer hands. As we continue to evolve our business, you will continue to benefit from our reliable and industry-leading patent annuities service and expertise.

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Service features you have access to

Industry leading data verification

Your data is received and automatically synchronised through our systems, validating it across multiple data points to ensure there are no errors.

  • Our dedicated team of IP experts will manually verify any discrepancies against public records, using our IP law engine to calculate and compare renewal expiry dates.
  • At the final stage of the process, our network of local agents will work with us to manage any instances in which inconsistencies arise at payment.

A globally trusted agent network

With over 50 years’ experience as the most trusted annuities provider, we have built a global agent network that safely and reliably works with us to maintain your rights across the globe.

  • Your renewals are supported by an agent network of over 1800, across 270 jurisdictions, helping ensure your assets are effectively maintained.
  • Our agent network is closely managed by our agent management team, who undertake strict audits, with SLA’s to ensure your service is consistently excellent into throughout our relationships.

Patent Safety NetTM

Providing you with critical insights to allow you to make the most informed patent maintenance decisions.

  • Patent Safety Net™ notifies you of the high-strength patents that are due to lapse, so nothing of value slips through the cracks.
  • Using Innography’s PatentStrength™ algorithm, your most valuable assets are highlighted and will never lapse un-noticed, so you can have peace of mind.

You can activate Patent Safety Net ™ for no additional fee, included within your annuities service, by contacting us here

Unmatched assurance and trust

Gain true peace of mind with the industry’s most trusted and experienced renewals payment provider.

  • Each year we handle 3.4 million IP rights, and pay nearly $2 billion in payments on behalf of our customers, giving you flexibility with your cashflow.
  • We host the world’s most experience IP renewals team, monitoring over 2500 renewal laws across all jurisdictions, so you can be assured in our direction.
  • We offer an extra layer of assurance by providing the highest levels of liability in the industry. If the worst should happen, our protection continues post-lapse, to prevent your business from substantial damages

Patent Care Plus

We have created a brand-new renewals application that helps you do more with less. Patent Care Plus combines our best-in-class data, services, and technology to help you make the most informed IP decisions, more easily than ever before.

  • Easily manage your portfolio decisions with the help of an interactive, self-service platform.
  • Understand more about your competitors and your market position to better inform your portfolio decisions, with Innography powered insights.
  • Search global patent data and documents, all within one platform.

Find out more about Patent Care Plus here.

Service excellence

Our service is underpinned by unparalleled people and technology support to help you manage your portfolio effortlessly.

  • Our dedicated client engagement team of 120+ ensures that there is always somebody available for you to call for support.
  • Your renewals service is digitalized, giving you clear visibility and control of your case data throughout your renewal processes.

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We are always here to help. If you have any questions about your renewals service, contact your support team.

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