Innovators to watch

Who is heading for the Top 100 Global Innovators list?

What stories can IP data tell

Each year for the past decade, Clarivate has identified the organizations and companies that sit at the very top of the global technology and innovation ecosystem. In this year’s Top 100 Global Innovators™ 2022, we evolved the way that the Top 100 is calculated, moving from a top-down comparison of the organizations that qualify, to a bottom-up universal benchmark of all patented ideas.

When the Top 100 Global Innovators is released, it always opens the question, “Who is next to make the list?” The Innovators to watch report leverages the same data analysis to uncover what organizations have advanced their rank over time, progressing in ways that could put them in the next Top 100 list.

Download the report to find out who could be next and the trends that these up-and-comers highlight, such as:

  • The movement it takes to out-pace competitors in the world of IP
  • What regions made a noticeable increase in representation
  • Which sectors show the most growth for innovation