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Since 1951, corporations and law firms have entrusted us with their litigation, prosecution and competitive intelligence patent translation work. Our global team of experienced translators not only possess great linguistic ability, they are also technology professionals representing a range of industry verticals with deep domain expertise who specialize in patent and technical documentation.

If our intellectual property wasn’t translated properly, the patent can lose all its value and expose our business to additional competition. That’s why we trust Derwent.
Jeff Griffin

Chief IP Counsel, LyondellBasell

Why choose Derwent for translations?

Trusted translations to support your valuable patent applications and related filings

Ensuring that every patent translation is quality checked and ready for filing at patent offices around the world.

Expertise and precision for translated materials needed to support litigation

Providing clear, accurate translations allowing you to undertake legal action with confidence.

Quick and dependable support to help you decipher competitive intelligence

Delivering translated IP and technical content required to support R&D, business development and portfolio management teams to inform commercial decision-making.

Derwent translations are built on:


Derwent are patent experts who truly understand innovation and the importance of protecting it. Our translators are technology professionals who only translate patent documents – nothing else. They are well-versed in the terminology of innovation and the nuances associated with patent literature.


Poorly translated documents can weaken a patent’s protective power and cause process delays – often resulting in financial penalties. There are legal implications in the wording of patent claims, in particular, so quality control and attention to detail are critical throughout the process.


A single provider can deliver both time and financial savings. Administration is simplified with one billing process and one single point of contact.

Communication is more streamlined – with critical information being shared between translation teams in good time. We also liaise with filing agents to assist with operational, delivery and deadline issues that may arise. Filings in jurisdictions with a shared common language could also result in further savings to translation costs.


Derwent™ translates patents across all the required major languages. Furthermore, our fast turnaround times help you to respond confidently to Office Actions – by highlighting the underlying arguments of foreign examiners.


We provide a detailed scope of works, including a list of contact points and charges at the start of every engagement – so you know exactly what to expect when working with our teams. We pride ourselves on delivering a reliable, confidential service of the highest quality.

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