World-class Researchers: What It Really Means To Be Highly Cited and Its Impact

Prof., Dr. Ruth Feldman
Interdisciplinary Center, Herzlia, Israel
David Pendlebury
Senior Scientist, Institute for Scientific Information
Clarivate Analytics
Prof., Dr. Katsuhiko Ariga
National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
The strong correlation between experts’ judgments of achievement in research and extreme citation frequency reveals a different type of peer review. One that is quantitative and top-down in contrast to the subjective and bottom-up approach.
Join Clarivate Analytics for the webcast titled: “World-class Researchers: What It Really Means To Be Highly Cited and Its Impact”
David Pendlebury of the Clarivate Analytics Institute for Scientific Information, will share with you:
  • What it means to be highly cited
  • The skewed distribution of citations in the literature
  • What this implies about talent and competition
  • How a quantitative approach to assessment can complement peer review, sometimes increasing fairness
In addition, David will be joined by two esteemed scientists recently named to the soon to be published Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers list for 2018: Katsuhiko Ariga, PhD of the National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, and Ruth Feldman, PhD of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzlia, Israel.
Dr. Ariga has been a Highly Cited Researcher since 2014 and Dr. Feldman is one of the newly recognized researchers in the 2018 introduced Cross-Field category, a categorical first from Clarivate Analytics reflecting the evolving frontier areas of research which are frequently interdisciplinary. They will describe what it means to them to be highly cited and how this recognition has affected their careers. This event will provide an unprecedented sneak peek toward and practical perspective for all Researchers, Reviewers and Publishing partners across the ecosystem.