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For more than 40 years publishers, institutions, funders and researchers have relied upon Web of Science Journal Citation Reports™ (JCR) to identify the world’s leading journals in the sciences and social sciences, understand key citation impact trends, and inform their publishing strategy.

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Whether you’re submitting your first manuscript or managing a portfolio with thousands of publications, access to unbiased information is essential.

Journal Citation Reports is the only resource of its kind produced by publisher-neutral experts.

Expert curation:

Each journal has met our rigorous impact and quality standards.


journal evaluation criteria

Quality control:

Journals displaying evidence of excessive self-citation or citation stacking are suppressed.


journals suppressed in 2020 Journal Citation Reports

A multidimensional view of a journal’s impact.

When you’re evaluating a journal, you need to know more than just one number. View the relationship between article and journal citations with visualizations and linked data alongside descriptive statistics

Evaluate each journal’s profile with a complete set of journal intelligence metrics.

Journal Impact Factor (JIF)
Average JIF percentile
Open access papers and citations
Contributions by author region and affiliation
Eigenfactor score
Cited and citing half-life

Worldwide journal coverage.

Maximize the reach and influence of your work and gain an international view of the research landscape. Journal Citation Reports provide a global view of the world’s leading science and social science journals, and helps you understand which countries and institutions contribute to each journal’s performance.

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