New WOS August 4 Release Notes

Author Impact Beamplot filters, Extended co-author list in researcher profiles, and a quick link to view a researcher’s documents as a set of results.

Author Impact Beamplot filters

Author Impact Beamplots can now be filtered by author position and/or document type, introducing a new way to scrutinize a contextual overview of a researcher’s citations. To access the filters, open the metrics dashboard on a researcher profile, or the Author Impact Beamplot tab on an author record, and select ‘Open Filters’. You can refine which publications are included in the beamplot by the position the author was on those documents, and by either article or review document types.



Extended co-author list in researcher profiles 

Researcher profiles now display a list of up to 100 co-authors, ordered by frequency, increasing from the previous limit of 5. Navigate to any claimed researcher profile and scroll the list of co-authors. Click a name to navigate to their researcher profile. The count next to each name displays the number of Core Collection publications in the profile on which that author is also listed.



Quick link to view a researcher’s documents as a set of results

If you wish to analyze, refine, or sort a researcher’s set of documents, you can now click on the document count in a researcher profile to view their publications as a set of results.



Thank you for your support and feedback. Together we will bring a better Web of Science to all.


The WoS Product Team