On-Demand Webinar

World-Class Researchers Impact Beyond Citation: Peer Review and Engagement

Dr. Andrew Preston
Managing Director of Publons
Clarivate Analytics

Researchers constantly need to demonstrate their impact. This is evident as we’ve shared about both the Citation Laureates and the 2018 Highly Cited Researchers. From performance reviews to funding or job applications, there is a need to provide evidence of impact and contribution to the field of study.

Citations are an indicator or measure of influence and for many years, researchers have been evaluated based on their citations. However, being a published author with a high H-index is only one way of contributing to advancing research. There’s more to a researcher’s impact beyond citations.

World-class researchers also influence research through peer review, journal editing work, and community engagement. These types of contributions provide a more holistic reflection of true researcher impact. Still a clear and complete picture of all these attributions can be difficult to present accurately because it has traditionally been time-consuming, difficult to gather and even more painful to display them in an engaging visual format. Until today.

Join Clarivate Analytics for part two of the World-class Researcher webinar series titled: Impact Beyond Citation: Peer Review and Engagement. During this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of researchers owning and managing their full impact beyond citations
  • How to effortlessly track and demonstrate a more complete range of impact and influence
  • Simplified preparation for evaluations and funding rounds