On-Demand Webinar

Using custom Web of Science data to identify the hottest areas of emerging research

Dr Weiping Yue
Senior Consultant, Greater China
Dr Ying Xing
Associate Research Fellow
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hear Dr Weiping Yue, Senior Consultant (Greater China) from Clarivate and Dr Ying Xing, Associate Research Fellow from the Chinese Academy of Sciences showcase how Clarivate’s customised data set in the Web of Science and Chinese Academy of Sciences’ expertise was used to identify the hottest and emerging specialty areas in scientific research.

With ever-growing pressure of already finite resources, efficiently scanning the research environment for emerging areas of science that could transform a business and entire economy is a distinct advantage to governments, policy makers, publishers, research administrators and individuals who monitor, support and advance the conduct of research.

This discussion will be based on the Research Fronts 2019 and the 2019 Research Fronts: Active Fields, Leading Countries report prepared by Clarivate and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.