On-Demand Webinar

Running a systematic review service from home

Does your library offer services to support systematic literature reviews? Systematic reviews have long been common in the health sciences, and their popularity is growing in other disciplines. While a growing number of libraries provide services in this area, it can be challenging to collaborate with faculty and manage your time efficiently when working on multiple projects.

In this session, an independent consultant specializing in systematic reviews and a librarian from the United States Department of Agriculture share insights drawn from their experiences running effective systematic review services—even during a global pandemic—as well as practical tips for using EndNote™ to help you save time and stay organized once you’re up and running.

Learn how you can:
– overcome common challenges of starting and maintaining a systematic review service;
– efficiently document the steps of your search process; and
– save time managing and de-duplicating results sets.

Note that you will receive two webinar recordings and respective presentations, as this webinar consists of two separate session.

Bob Green
Solutions Specialist

Julie Glanville
Independent Consultant
Formerly Associate Director of York Health Economics Consortium Ltd

Jimmy McColery
Digital Education Specialist

Gisela Butera, MLIS, M.ED.
Systematic Review Librarian
Nutrition Evidence Systematic Review|Panum Group Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion United States Department of Agriculture