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Highly Cited Researchers in Australia and New Zealand: The “who’s who” of Influential Researchers

Anthony Dona
Solution Consultant
Web of Science Group

Highly Cited Researchers are the world’s most influential researchers of the past decade. They are determined by finding researchers whom have recently publish multiple highly-cited papers in a particular field of research. Find out how they are making a difference.

Twelve researchers from seven New Zealand institutions have been named Highly Cited Researchers for 2019. Australian research institutes continue to impress with the number of researchers recognised as Highly Cited more than tripling in six years, from 80 in 2014 to 271 in 2019. Australian research institutions appear to have recruited a significant number of Highly Cited Researchers since 2014 while also increasing their number of homegrown Highly Cited Researchers.

“I’ve been a Highly Cited Researcher each year since 2014. In 2014 I had not at all anticipated it, and was of course, delighted. Each year since is a bonus. It’s made me reflect on what people see in papers, and why they are helpful. That helps me to learn what contributions I can best make to our science.” – Perennial Highly Cited Researcher — Environment/Ecology Professor Jane Elith, Ph.D., Quantitative Ecologist in the School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne.

Join us for an engaging webinar to delve into the data behind Highly Cited Researchers in Australia and New Zealand.

In this webinar you will learn:
• The methodology of identifying Highly Cited Researchers.
• The regional trends and evolution of Highly Cited Researchers in Australia and New Zealand.
• The breakdown of Highly Cited Researchers by institution and subject area in Australia and New Zealand.