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Uncover new opportunities, target R&D investment strategies, identify competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and find potential licensing opportunities – in just one look.

The Derwent™ patent analytics team combines industry-leading enhanced data and powerful research and analysis tools with extensive industry knowledge and deep IP expertise to distill the essential information into reliable, digestible, decision-ready reports.


Download the G3 case study
Download the G3 case study

Patent Analytics solutions

Patent landscapes

Timely, professional insight into patent landscapes, powered by industry-leading research solutions (including Derwent Innovation, Derwent Data Analyzer and Derwent World Patents Index). We produce professional patent analysis in a highly visual report, using deep-honed analytical models designed to answer the question, generate new questions and support fast decisions.


Technical review

Understand the IP landscapes (and scholarly literature landscapes) either for established technologies or emerging technology areas.

Competitive review and benchmarking

See where you rank relative to your main competitors in patenting volume, global reach, persistence in R&D, recent activity and innovation impact.

Opportunity identification

Identify technologies for in-licensing, potential collaborators, new markets, acquisition targets or competitors against whom your patents could be enforced.

Risk factor assessment

Assess risk from infringement, opposition and litigation, or the vulnerability of target IP you have identified for acquisition or licensing.

Patent watching

Derwent’s patent watch and profiling services delivers timely alerts to track changes in your patent landscape. This could range from a simple ‘heads up’ for newly issued patents or new entrants meeting a given criteria, to the identification of possible infringing patents.


Derwent’s analytics team provides value by ensuring that your company does not lose itself within the IP industry. Our benchmarking gives a proper estimation on competitive position of your strengths and room for improvement. We offer strategic IP analysis to help you build and protect your IP assets.

Standards essentiality analysis

Derwent builds a foundation for essentiality. We help you understand which factors support an acceptance of essentiality and contribute to a reduced over-declaration rate.

Whitespace analysis

Using expertise-guided data mining techniques, the technical approaches, industrial uses, benefits and processes underlying a technical space can be collated and made available for analysis. These technical attributes can then be used to identify gaps in the landscape ripe for innovation and the creation of unique IP assets.

Portfolio strength audits

See how different parts of your company rank on innovation and the strength of its IP portfolios with respect to volume, global reach, persistence in R&D and recent activity.


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