On-Demand Webinar

Protected: The Future of Patent Research

Dr. Joakim Isaksson
Business Process Owner, IP Analysis
Medha Rolvering
Global Head of IP
Software AG
Andrew Klein
Solution Consultant
Director, Client Advocacy

The patent information space is at an inflection point with unprecedented growth in patent volumes, technology convergence, changes in roles, and increasing complexity of business requests. Simply put, patent research is getting more difficult, but ever more critical. It’s more important now that organizations manage their patent research effectively if they want to stay ahead of their competitors and be the first to market.

As a patent or research professional listen to Dr. Joakim Isaksson, Business Process Owner for IP Analysis from Philips and Medha Rolvering, Global Head of Intellectual Property at Software AG discuss their views on the current industry challenges and the growing importance of patent intelligence in driving company growth.
Also, see a preview into Derwent’s new solutions that will change the way you search, browse and analyze patent information.

  • Explore the reimagined Derwent Innovation and its new functionality
  • See first-hand the new visualization tools, Insights functionality and charting
  • Hear about the rollout of the expanded patent data coverage underway