On-Demand Webinar

Planning for 2020: Considerations for Building your IP Budget

Carlo Cotrone
Senior IP Counsel
Baker Hughes
Ben Brown
Senior IP Counsel
Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner
Gene Quinn
Owner & President
IP Watchdog
Rich Kolar
Head of Services
Intellectual Property, Derwent

The 2020 budgeting season is upon us and organizations everywhere are reviewing costs, resources and business priorities as they begin to plan for next year. For IP teams, both in in-house and within law firms, much of that assessment includes aligning filing strategies to business plans and client demand, recruiting and sourcing specialized talent and assessing operational infrastructure to see where it’s impeding productivity and incurring unnecessary costs.

Please join us for an exclusive webinar and hear from IP leaders as they discuss their best practices and learnings in planning, building and making the most of their IP spend:

• Aligning patent filing strategies with prosecution operations and workflows
• Mapping resources to filing volume projections
• Identifying common operational friction points impacting your budget
• Balancing increasing work with flat or shrinking budgets
• Strategies to plan for the unexpected