How Greater Insight into the Global Regulatory Landscape Can Increase your Ability to Identify New Market Opportunities

Sheila Galan
Managing Editor, Regulatory Intelligence (Medical Devices)
Clarivate Analytics
Odile Le Roy des Barres
Director, Regulatory Intelligence
Clarivate Analytics

The global market place is shrinking…do you have the tools necessary to identify the next great opportunity and expand the reach of your medical devices and/or IVDs?

As marketplaces throughout the world continue to develop, opportunities to expand your pipeline are increasingly available.  And yet many companies are hesitant to jump into a new market because of the difficult regulatory planning they had to undergo to manufacture and sell where they are today.  While there are many differences between individual countries when it comes to medical device and IVD regulations, there are also many similarities.  Having the ability to quickly understand these similarities and differences can greatly expedite the process of developing efficient regulatory strategies, maintaining compliance and ultimately lowering the cost of bringing products to market.  Failing to do so may end up having a major impact, specifically when it comes driving timelines and adding additional costs

This webinar will introduce Clarivate Analytics’ new Medical Devices and IVDs Regulatory Comparison Module. With this new module, you can now dramatically simplify the regulatory research process by compiling data on all product life cycle regulatory topics, allowing you to exhaustively compare on that topic within different countries and between product types. The result is an all-encompassing tool that can dramatically simplify the regulatory research process, allowing you to more efficiently identify the strategic opportunities necessary to expand your global footprint.

If this new module is of interest to you, please join us on our upcoming demonstration webinar at a date and time listed below.