On-Demand Webinar

Prioritizing indications based on clinical and commercial potential

John Lebbos, MD
Partner, Consulting
Olga Pustovalova
Senior Research Scientist, Bioinformatics Team Lead

In weighing which indications to pursue first, biopharmas must consider a therapeutic candidate’s potential value to patients as well as the need to fund future innovation.

When done well, indication prioritization projects involve reliable bioinformatics analyses and comprehensive market assessment. In this webinar, Clarivate’s bioinformatics and market assessment experts share insights to answer:

– What are the key challenges facing biopharma in confidently prioritizing indications?
– What are some best practices when using bioinformatics to understand the scientific/biological significance of early-stage drugs?
– What are some best practices when assessing markets, understanding unmet needs and forecasting commercial potential?
– How can biopharma apply these best practices in-house?