See the broader picture with global IP case data

Gain greater context for your brand decisions with Darts-ip

Access the most complete, global collection of searchable IP cases together with trusted trademark content. That’s the power of Darts-ip and CompuMark™ together.

A unique resource

Darts-ip is the largest and most complete database for global intellectual property cases, with more than 3 million administrative and judicial trademark cases collected from over 140 countries and over 3,500 courts –plus copyright and domain cases.

Darts-ip collects and digitizes global IP case data, making it easily searchable. Combining this resource with CompuMark’s trademark databases, the world’s largest, gives you integrated access to a wealth of information unavailable anywhere else.


Make decisions with greater context

Analyze trademark data and related cases on a single platform.

Save time and reduce your costs

Quickly zero in on relevant case information to accelerate decision-making.

Optimize your legal strategy

Monitor and analyze litigation activity for key competitive brands and their owners.

Global trademark and IP case data in a single, unified platform

Within the Analysis Tool on SERION, instantly view a mark’s history of office actions and litigation across screening, search and watch results, including:

Plaintiff view

See how many actions the owner has initiated against others to assess the owner’s enforcement behaviors.

Defendant view

See the history of an owner as defendant in a legal action initiated by another party or by a trademark office.

Case history

View recent trademark cases in which the mark was involved, and whether the owner was plaintiff or defendant

Mark notoriety

See whether a mark has claimed to be famous or have a reputation in legal proceedings.

More context for better decisions

Together, CompuMark and Darts-ip provide the insight to help enhance your decision making and improve your efficiency.

Assess the likelihood of success of registering your trademark or opposing someone else’s mark with insight on an owner’s litigiousness and enforcement behavior.

Access analysis of legal issues and litigation analytics in a clear, easyto-digest view to inform legal and strategic decisions and reduce risk.

Gain insights on brand owners and relevant cases for planning competitive or litigation strategies.

Streamline your workflow by consolidating trademark availability and case data in a single, efficient platform.

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