On-Demand Webinar

Seeing the broader picture: Using IP cases data in trademark research

Special Counsel at Finnegan
Legal Counsel at Bulla Dairy Foods
DartsIP Regional Manager at Clarivate
Brand Regional Sales Manager at Clarivate

With more than 80 million active trademarks globally, the risk of a prior rights holder claiming your new mark infringes on their brand is greater than ever and researching IP cases data from trademark offices and courts worldwide can be extremely valuable.

While in the Australia and New Zealand market there is a growing preference for quick filing this can result in low value IP rights that end up costing a lot more than needed.

In this webinar hear from special guests Omid Komeili, Legal Counsel at Bulla Dairy Foods and Robert Kramer, Special Counsel at Finnegan for a thought provoking and insightful discussion on how IP cases data and analytics add critical insight for proactively assessing risk and informing defense strategies. Learn best practices of integrating cases and trademark data when building and protecting IP portfolios.