What patients really want from life science companies

Global Head of Thought Leadership
PhD, Chair and CEO
AKU Society 
Chief Executive
Anthony Nolan
Executive Chair
VOZ Advisors

Discussion from the patient point of view

Understanding your patients and their needs has always been best practice. Increasingly, it’s an imperative for success. As advancement toward personalized medicine allows companies to better serve increasingly narrow communities with unique characteristics and distinct needs, a granular view of the patient experience is essential to driving outcomes and delivering value in the healthcare ecosystem.

Moreover, patient expectations have been shaped by the tailored concierge customer experiences delivered by brands like Apple and Amazon and healthcare goods and services are no exception.

However, drug and device companies continue to struggle with translating the rhetoric of “patient centricity” into reality.

Clarivate’s Mike Ward was joined by patient advocacy leaders who discussed:

  • Key areas patients see life science companies falling short
  • What companies should do differently to incorporate the patient point of view into their work across the product lifecycle, from the earliest stages of R&D through commercialization
  • Which experiential endpoints (e.g., quality of life) companies should measure, in addition to clinical endpoints, and how developers can assess the social costs and benefits of therapeutics
  • A patient perspective on what good looks like and which brands and companies stand out