Thoroughly assess the uniqueness of your pharmaceutical product name to give you confidence ahead of registration.

U.S. Full Pharmaceutical Search XC

Rely on CompuMark for the deep pharma trademark expertise required to determine availability with confidence. Our U.S. and Canada Full Pharmaceutical Searches XC provide the most comprehensive coverage available. These searches combine our U.S. or Canada Full Pharmaceutical Search with additional, specialized pharmaceutical industry sources for even greater certainty.

  • Search key pharma sources, including IMS Health Pharmaceutical In-Use, WHO and USAN stems, American Drug Index, RDB MedKnowledge, USP Dictionary of USAN, International Drug Names, Drugs@FDA, FDA Orange Book, and more
  • Use the drill down feature in the SERION Analysis Tool to access details from
    pharmaceutical sources for additional insight
  • Authentic FDA POCA (Phonetic Orthographic Computer Analysis) provides information to
    help reduce the risk of rejections by regulatory agencies

Global Pharmaceutical Search

Get the trusted global insight you need to clear pharmaceutical brands in key international markets. Our exclusive Global Pharmaceutical Search helps you quickly assess the availability of your pharmaceutical trademark across multiple countries in a single search, with one integrated online report.

  • Make decisions with ultimate confidence, based on unmatched global pharma trademark expertise
  • Combines industry-leading coverage of trademark registers and common law sources in a single report, maximizing your certainty while minimizing your workload
  • Coverage includes trademark registers, pharma in-use and common law sources, and web common law sources, including domain names

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