The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore launches image trademark search using CompuMark technology

Simplifying the process of researching image trademarks for uniqueness and availability by integrating AI-driven technology

London, UK & Boston, US, 26 August 2019CompuMark, a Clarivate Analytics company and a global leader in trademark research and protection, now provides TrademarkVision image recognition (IR) technology services to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), one of the most innovative IP offices in the world. IPOS is integrating AI-driven technology into their new public facing mobile app to simplify the process of researching proposed image trademarks for uniqueness and availability.

Forty percent of trademarks filed contain images [1]. CompuMark uses AI-powered image recognition software that applies the principles of facial recognition software to visually search artwork, images and even industrial designs. Developed by TrademarkVision, now part of CompuMark, this technology allows public users to compare image trademarks to help them determine whether a proposed trademark logo is acceptable or if it infringes on an existing image trademark.

More and more governments are eager to expand the use of cutting-edge technology to become innovative IP offices. CompuMark has developed an easy API integration into existing search engines so national IP offices can offer image trademark and design search to examiners and the public that reduces ambiguity, provides greater transparency and increases confidence.

Currently, government IP databases throughout the world use different coding systems to describe logos or image trademarks. This means brand owners and trademark professionals rely on building complex queries with keywords and image codes to research image-based trademarks within those IP databases on their own. However, those days now appear to be numbered, at least for those operating in Singapore. By implementing image recognition technology in IPOS Go, the world’s first mobile app for trademark registration, IPOS is simplifying a process that historically has been very complex.

Isabelle Tan, Director, Registry of Trademarks at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, said: “Finding similar trademarks is a crucial, yet time-consuming process. To overcome the limitation of accounting for visual similarity in the previous generation of description-based search solutions, IPOS has chosen CompuMark’s image recognition and object detection technology for our trademark registration app. The technology will enable us to deliver higher quality results that are more relevant for our customers in their registration process.”

Jeff Roy, President, CompuMark, added: “Given the high rate of image trademarks being filed and the previously conventional means to research them, we feel image recognition is now a significant element of the trademark research process and trademark professionals should have access to IR-driven solutions. This technology eliminates the complexity of image-based trademark search. That’s why we’re partnering with IPOS, one of the most innovative IP offices in the world, to improve their services and workflows.”

CompuMark is working with government IP offices around the world to provide them with IR-driven solutions, including the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Georgia’s Sakpatenti, and IP Australia (IPA). IPOS is the latest government IP office to partner with CompuMark.

Recently, CompuMark announced the launch of TMgo365 Industrial Design Search, which combines image-recognition technology and artificial intelligence to search trade dress and industrial designs.


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