You generate a lot of names. We like that.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Naming Tool on SERION® provides creative name suggestions based on user criteria, simultaneously analyzing names against registered trademarks. It accelerates the naming process while reducing the risk of clearance barriers.

Create with confidence, quickly
Our proprietary AI algorithm generates creative name suggestions based on your criteria, while providing insight on potential use in the U.S. and E.U. jurisdictions.

Valuable trademark insight
Further evaluate your proposed name candidate with targeted insights:

  • Identify phonetic and semantic alternatives
  • Check for underlying meaning in other languages with a linguistic review
  • Evaluate the relative similarity of a name against existing names in all 45 international classes
  • Assess your name against certain trademark jurisdictions, domain names and social media channels

Powerful simplicity
Powerful workflow tools simplify analysis to zero-in on the most promising candidates, quickly. Filter, sort and annotate results and create PDF reports in seconds.

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