Celebrating women in IP: Meet our expert Jill Power

This year the theme of World Intellectual Property Day is “Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity.” Clarivate helps companies accelerate innovation, achieve long-term growth and realize sustainable success. We are happy to continue the global celebration of World IP Day by spotlighting our women IP experts, whose ingenuity and talent pave the way to major breakthroughs. Here is the story of Jill Power, Senior Director of Product Management at Clarivate.

When the IP industry feels like home

Like our last Celebrating World IP Day women IP expert, Jill Power didn’t begin her career in the intellectual property (IP) industry.

Almost 22 years ago, Jill was introduced to IP when she joined CPA Global soon after its acquisition of MemotechTM.  Despite not knowing the ins and outs of IP, she instantly felt like she belonged.

Jill found the IP industry fascinating and enjoyed working with smart people both in her team and working with customers. What particularly delighted her was learning about clients’ businesses and how Clarivate solutions fit in their IP lifecycle and how they can help them accelerate innovation.

Her passion for learning and finding the best solutions for clients led her to work across the whole Clarivate IP Lifecycle Management solutions portfolio. Today, she is excited about the opportunity to work with varied customers and Clarivate teams to build new capabilities that overcome today’s challenges through advances in technology.

The importance of environment fostering human ingenuity

She adds that her key strengths are defining the use case as well as in drilling into the details of a potential solution and asking next-level questions.

“Each time we meet with our customers, we discuss additional scenarios where we can bring improvements. For example, we’ve been connecting Clarivate data with our IP management solutions, which allows a variety of value-added benefits, from data accuracy to strategic decision support,” says Power. “Collaborating with our end users on how we can best present data to each type of user to solve their problems or improve their experience is really satisfying.”

Jill feels particularly fortunate that she is surrounded by many talented team members in an environment where they can openly share ideas and iterate from each other, feel free to ask questions and test out ideas to find the one with the best potential.

Women in leadership roles are critical for commitment to diversity

Jill works with a talented group of women across product, technology and customer success on a daily basis. She has seen an increasing number of women in leadership and technology roles both at Clarivate and among customers.

“I fully expect to see more women in critical roles leading process, solutions, IP and legal teams, and strategy in the future. There remain opportunities for women at the top levels of leadership and industry commitment to diversity is critical.”

She highlighted one challenge which women face in today’s working environment – work and family balance. But with the flexibility of working from home and benefiting from teamwork in different time zones in global organizations such as Clarivate, Jill believes there is a way to overcome the challenge.

With 22 years of working experiences, Jill sees IP as a niche industry with numerous opportunities which has a broad range of participants – software or service vendors, scientists, administrators, legal counsels, executives, etc. “Whatever the underlying interest is for technology, research, marketing or sales – IP is a great world to come into.”

Jill claims good communication skills, both verbal and written, are critical in the IP industry. Also, precision is of great importance whatever subject matter expertise you may have. “IP is a continual learning experience. I have never been bored in my 22 years — stay curious!”

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