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Supply chain research

Through best practice research, tools, and custom analysis, Clarivate’s supply chain research helps hospital leaders evaluate their operations to identify opportunities for cost-savings and efficiency, build consensus for change, and save time on initiatives.

Through custom research and project support, our team helps leaders apply research to their specific initiatives, such as supply chain, procurement, purchasing, contracting, materials management, and value analysis.

How we help

Analyst advisories

Unlimited access to our internal experts providing primary and secondary research tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Syndicated research

Articles and reports highlight best practices, Clarivate analysis, and implementation tools.


Webinars offer a unique opportunity to learn from leaders at top-performing organizations.

Our approach

We work with hospital and health system leaders to develop revenue cycle best practices to help you address your key business questions: 

  1. What are the best practices for topics like product standardization, value analysis, finding cost savings, inventory and vendor management, and clinician buy-in?
  2. What are benchmarks for staffing, performance, and productivity?
  3. What cost savings initiatives have my peers found successful?
  4. How does one product compare to another?
  5. How do we move forward after COVID-19 exposed shortcomings in supplier transparency?

Responding to emerging trends

  • Strategic management:
    Addressing overarching issues, from accommodating the changing scope of supply chain to gauging department and staff performance.
  • Value management:
    Making sourcing and procurement decisions that account for product efficacy and value—rather than cost alone—and are sustainable in today’s marketplace.
  • Operations and category management:
    Structuring operations to enhance inventory management and distribution as well as other administrative and ancillary services.

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