Walking the talk on patient centricity

An actionable and measurable model for life science companies to involve and empower the people that use their products

Life science organizations can achieve meaningful and sustainable progress toward patient-directed development and engagement across each stage of the patient journey and the innovation lifecycle.

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Partnering with patients on treatments from bench to bedside

Looping in patients from the start

Patient insights inform critical design and business development decisions.

Before a treatment candidate even reaches phase 1, honest dialogue with patients can help to position products for maximum impact on health outcomes.

Designing patient-centered clinical trials

Taking a supportive, patient-centered approach to clinical trial design.

Building clinical trial programs that are attuned to the patient experience can boost trust and burnish company reputations while aiding recruitment and retention.

Going to market with the patient

Provide patients with information, support and services that answer their needs.

Engaging patients effectively as companies approach a product launch requires a deep understanding of the patient experience, barriers to treatment and drivers of behavior.

Towards personalized patient engagement

The pandemic has accelerated the urgency of the trend toward greater patient-centeredness.

Enabling technologies like digital health solutions, remote care and clinical trials are helping life science companies and other healthcare stakeholders meet the moment.

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Patient voices and innovator perspectives


What patients really want from life science companies

Leading patient advocates share their experiences working with life science companies and how innovators can better partner with them.

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Achieving patient centricity at scale

Emerging data tools and methodologies enable companies to better incorporate the patient voice.

Real world and other data sources coupled with AI and machine learning methodologies afford innovators a much more detailed and accurate picture of the patient.

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Patient centricity resources

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