Achieving patient centricity at scale

Emerging data tools and methodologies enable companies to incorporate the patient voice across the innovation lifecycle.

Real world and other data sources, coupled with AI/machine learning methodologies, are affording innovators a much more detailed and accurate picture of the patient.

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Four pillars of patient centricity

Quality data inputs

De-identified patient data can provide life science companies a granular view of patient needs and behaviors at scale.

Large data sets compliment more traditional sources of patient insights, revealing critical nuances that can help innovators deliver better outcomes to patients.

Patient involvement

Incorporating patient voices is critical to the successful development and commercialization of therapeutics

Making patients and their advocates true partners is especially important in an age of highly-targeted specialty and rare disease treatments.

A CX design approach

Designing products and solutions with the patient experience in mind can be a game-changer for innovators

Understanding patient unmet needs and solving for the friction points in the patient experience is the ultimate differentiator.

A real world mindset

Looking beyond the lab to see patient populations as they really are

Clinical trials and patient panels can give researchers a blinkered view of diverse patient groups with diverse needs, attitudes and behaviors.

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Patient voices and innovator perspectives


What patients really want from life science companies

Leading patient advocates share their experiences working with life science companies and how innovators can better partner with them.

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Data-driven patient centricity at scale

Life science leaders talk about how they’re taking a data-driven approach to centering the patient in their work.

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Patient centricity resources

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