Optimizing clinical trials for a fast-changing landscape

Mike Ward
Global Head of Thought Leadership, Life Sciences and Healthcare
Anzar Abbas
Director of Digital Solutions
Cambridge Cognition
Tony Clapsis
General Manager
CVS Health Clinical Trial Services
Sari von Reedtz
Clinical Operations Lead
Dr. Kathleen Rickard, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Verona Pharma

Clinical trials are undergoing sweeping transformation, with new and emerging technologies introducing new modalities and regulators rethinking the rules in response. This shift has been hastened by the necessities of pandemic-era operating constraints and a growing attentiveness to the patient experience and the need for a more representative pool of participants.

Meanwhile, the availability of real world and other data sets is enabling clinical trial sponsors to identify trial sites, investigators and protocols with much greater precision, potentially enabling them to speed products to market and better meet the needs of their patients.

In this webinar, we will explore the following questions of concern to trial sponsors:

  • How can companies ensure that the sites they engage to run their trials have the capacity and expertise to execute?
  • What factors and tools should companies be considering as they weigh locations for trial sites?
  • How can pharmas ensure that their clinical trial protocols achieve their goals, and that clinical endpoints are meaningful?
  • How can companies anticipate participants’ pain points and build a smoother patient experience into trial design?
  • What actions by regulators would help to improve clinical trial design and execution?