On-demand Webinar

How to leverage real-world data to inform launch strategy

Maximize opportunity by understanding the real-world landscape

Senior Director, Integrated Solutions
Senior Director, RWD Product
Director, Real-World Data Specialist

The proliferation and increasing applications of real-world data (RWD) offer a wealth of information around the activities and outcomes of key HCP, patient and payer stakeholders.

Analyzing medical and pharmacy claims, EHR, and specialty real-world datasets enables manufacturers to maximize their impact and opportunity in launch planning by understanding the diagnosis, referral, treatment, and reimbursement dynamics among stakeholders in their target market.

This webinar will answer questions about how you can leverage real-world datasets to optimize launch planning, including:

  • What are the real-world datasets that can support effective launch planning?
  • Who are the stakeholders observed in RWD that manufacturers should engage to maximize their product opportunity?
  • Where do gaps exist in the current diagnosis, referral, treatment, and reimbursement landscapes that a new product can address?
  • Where can RWD provide insights to inform strategy and tactics throughout the product lifecycle?
  • Why is real-world data an effective tool to drive launch strategy across the launch planning cycle?