Growing pharma-physician engagement in uncertain times

Four approaches to help pharma companies reach and educate best-fit physicians amid COVID-19 and consolidation

Today’s healthcare ecosystem is dauntingly complex, as a wave of consolidation continues to reorder provider organizations, often pushing product decision-making further upstream. For pharma field teams, engaging physicians and formulary decision-makers in-person has become much more difficult, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic, and digital workarounds are not yet making up for it.

Making the most of reps’ time with physicians, whether in-person or online, is of paramount importance to commercial success and improving patient care. Doing so requires gaining a granular view of the prescriber and provider landscape, their needs and communication preferences, and where decision-making power lies within organizations.

In this free eBook, Clarivate experts share tips and best practices for targeting and engagement, including how commercial organizations can:

  • Optimize targeting through integration of a variety of data sources to see potential audiences and opportunities from different angles;
  • Evolve their view of stakeholders by stage of lifecycle and tailor engagement to changing needs;
  • Develop differentiated multichannel engagement strategies tailored to distinct audience segments;
  • Orchestrate sales and marketing activity across functions to maximize efficiency and deliver a better customer experience