Medtech Market Tracking

Track your market share and understand the evolving market landscape with comprehensive timely insights.

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Track market developments in real time to understand your product’s uptake

Optimize your short- and long-term product strategy with comprehensive market intelligence and expert-driven insights.

Understand how your market is evolving and where your product fits into the bigger picture by leveraging purchase data, sales data, facility audits and/or patient logs to capture market detail globally.

Why choose us?

  1. Global visibility and market granularity
    Understand your market in detail and across geographies to make informed decisions.
  2. Data quality and accuracy
    Get a precise view of your market with clean data inclusive of actionable insights.
  3. Ease of use and relevant analytics
    Access and filter information and data enabling you to view markets through different lenses.
  4. Medical device expertise
    Unlock the meaning behind the data through analyses built by medtech market experts and data scientists.

Market tracking solutions

U.S. Medical Supply Distribution Tracking

Comprehensive medical supply market share intelligence and actionable insights to track real time trends

  • Accurately quantify market share and market potential for medical supply
  • Competitively price medical supplies by target region and/or facility type through price analyses
  • Optimize salesforce by gaining visibility into underserved markets and commercial opportunities

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U.S. Hospital Purchase Tracking

Understand share, price and market trends to commercialize brands effectively using PriceTrack’s SKU-level hospital purchase order data

  • Conduct detailed price analysis
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Assess market trends and dynamics in real time

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Global Device Usage Tracking

Accurately measure how you and your competitors are performing in the marketplace through Marketrack’s global brand share tracking data

  • Track data and uncover valuable insights on market trends monthly or quarterly
  • Understand national total market values, market shares and ASPs
  • Analyze the evolution of brand shares as they change over time

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Latin America Market Tracking

Effectively market your brand across Latin America through detailed, brand-level datasets

  • Understand what product segments are driving growth and how this differs by country
  • Monitor your competitors’ portfolio in real time
  • Analyse brands within same product type to strategically price and position

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Global Image Market Guide and Tracking

Arm your team with detailed clinical coverage data on patients undergoing imaging procedures

  • Quantify the volume of procedures performed to track utilization
  • Obtain factual clinical data about the diagnostic and therapeutic imaging patient populations such as patient demographics and suspected diagnoses for procedure performed
  • Gain visibility into all modalities: ultrasound, nuclear medicine (SPECT and PET/CT), X-ray (conventional and cardiovascular), Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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