Top 100 Global Innovators: Building a culture of innovation

Yen Florczak
Chief IP Counsel
Elise Cardin
Director, Patents, Construction Businesses
Philip Gilchrist
CTO and VP, Communications Solutions
TE Connectivity
Ed White
Head of Analytics

Creating an innovative company is hard. Even more difficult is sustaining an innovative company for many years, which requires an organization to fully embrace a culture of innovation. That does not happen by chance.

Listen to the webinar, Top 100 Global Innovators Webinar: Building a culture of innovation, to hear directly from companies that made the list—Yen Florczak, Chief IP Counsel, 3M; Elise Cardin, Director, Patents, Construction Businesses, Saint-Gobain; and Philip Gilchrist, CTO and VP, Communications Solutions, TE Connectivity. During this webinar these key decision-makers provide insights into how they have built and maintained an organization that embodies a tradition of ideation.

Topics include:

  • Creating an innovative thinking and problem-solving culture
  • The role tradition and heritage play in a culture of ideation
  • The value the wider market puts on innovation and idea generation capability of a firm
  • New ideas that can fill the economic gap created by COVID-19, and the role innovators played in the way the world is overcoming the pandemic