Introduction to Web of Science Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Rob Pritchett
Principal Solutions Consultant
Brian Syron
Account Manager

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, don’t have to be unapproachable for the data-minded librarian or researcher. This session is intended to provide an introduction to APIs as well as suggest practical methods to get started using APIs.

Clarivate will walk through example API use cases for Clarivate platform data calls and perform technical demonstrations using Postman API client, Python clients, and a WoS API data parser/converter toolkit.

Utilising Web of Science API tools to demonstrate, Clarivate’s Rob Pritchett will lead an information packed session that will cover the following:

  • What are APIs?
  • API use cases (data integration based and project based).
  • How to use Web of Science (WoS) APIs.
  • API licenses available to clients.
  • A review of Postman IDE for API calls (live example).
  • A demo of Web of Science’s technical API toolkits, including WoS Expanded API Excel Converter tool.