Search smarter with Smart Search

You know how long it takes to formulate a conventional search strategy using source material to identify the correct keywords, synonyms, classifications and so on to capture a reasonable answer set, not to mention the time taken to review the search results to find the few nuggets that may be contained within.  And then trying again when the search proves too broad – or too narrow.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that could take a description of what you are looking for and return highly relevant results within seconds?   A tool that can help you quickly find what you’re looking for instead of spending hours searching for it?

Enter Smart Search.


What is Smart Search?

Smart Search enables you to take any block of text that describes what you are looking for, be that a product description, an invention disclosure, or the claims from a patent, copy and paste the text into a search box and, within seconds, return a relevance ranked list of results relating to your subject for review. Relevance ranking ensures that the most highly relevant results appear at the top of the list to provide the answer you’re looking for in an instant.


How does it work?

Using patented technology, Smart Search uses an AI driven, proprietary algorithm to model the search flow process with a unique difference.  It uses DWPI-based semantic searching to automatically expand and refine the search beyond the original search input.

Some of the underlying concepts are described in patent number US 9971771B2 for a “Method, system and software for searching, identifying, retrieving and presenting electronic documents” invented by Raphael Ryger together with Ekaterina Suvorova.


What makes Smart Search smarter?

Smart Search is a new approach to semantic search for patents.  Uniquely, it is powered by DWPI content which is created by expert scientists and engineers who intellectually enhance original language patent information by translating this into English, re-writing titles and abstracts to explain inventions in clear language and apply enhanced indexing.

This has a number of advantages:

  • It enables intelligent creation of semantic search phrases (Smart Themes) from natural language input including foreign languages
  • It enables highly focused and effective relevance ranking to bring the most important answers to the top of the list
  • It allows further refinement of results using additional search fields such as filing date or DWPI specific fields such as Derwent patent assignee codes or manual codes



The information mountain now comprises over 100 million patents, 70 million plus journal articles and an estimated total amount of 16.1 zetabytes of data as of 2016.  Faced with this, we need all the help we can get in navigating to the correct information we need.  Smart Search can significantly reduce the time taken to get to relevant results.


To learn more about how Smart Search can help, please download the full whitepaper here.

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