IP Asia 2020 report

Intellectual property (IP) plays an essential role in accelerating the pace of innovation. Patents protect inventions in all fields of technology, trademarks signal the characteristics of products, designs specify how products look and domains identify organizations in the world of Internet. The critical importance of these rights becomes clear when we look at today’s IP landscape.

As the most dynamic region in the world, Asia is becoming more innovation-driven—powered by knowledge, technology and creativity, each of which is fundamentally supported by IP. It continues to outpace other regions in filing patents, trademarks, industrial designs and registering domains and has become a top hub for innovation.

Our experts have created an exclusive report gathering insightful commentary on the IP trends and developments evident within Asia, including a focus on trademark protection. Throughout the articles of this report, you will find more information on the following topics:

  • Snapshot: A look into traditional pharmaceutical class filings in Asia-Pacific
  • Trademark challenges facing the Asia-Pacific market’s global grow