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Pricetrack provides market share tracking and detailed pricing analysis at the SKU level for U.S. hospitals.

Built on timely and granular data, Pricetrack delivers advanced market analytics and in-depth medtech product pricing analyses within an interactive platform, giving users detailed unit volume, market size and competitor share analytics.

In-depth medtech product pricing analyses

  1. Market share reporting
  2. Brand performance tracking
  3. Market opportunities assessment
  4. Competitor pricing strategies analysis
  5. Product portfolio performance analysis

Pricetrack - data coverage

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U.S. hospitals

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unique SKUs with granular SKU-level purchase order data that is categorized, clean and ready to use

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of facilities report quarter over quarter

As much detail as you could need, at your fingertips

Medical device pricing strategy

Catalog Dictionary Purchase Data Feed Output
By SKU By SKU, facility, and time period SKU output with categorized product attributes
Product type categorization Prices paid National hospital market projections
Product attribute information Quantity purchased Revenues, ASPs and units
Customized data tags Facility attributes Constant updates enable capture of new products and SKUs

What data is included?

Pricetrack medtech product pricing & analysis is our real-time data solution that provides detailed, SKU-level hospital purchase order data to help our clients understand the share, price and market trends necessary to market their brands effectively.

Market Data

  • Revenue/Unit
  • Market/Brand/SKU
  • 2010 to present
  • Understand growth trends to drive future predictions


  • Company/Brand/SKU
  • 2010 to present
  • Understand how competitor share affects your brands’ performance

Data that helps you uncover trends and provide context

  • Granular data is easily visualized in Tableau, and organized in Excel
  • Cleanly organized metrics allow you to dig deep into data and uncover trends
  • 8+ years of trending data gives deep historical context

Details ASPs

  • Segment/Brand/SKU level
  • 2010 to present
  • Understand how product features impact medical device pricing strategy

Facility Penetration

  • Understand facility-level dynamics

Why partner with us?

Sophisticated methodology

  • Our extrapolation methodology is powered by the depth of our real-world data, including complete hospital coverage from our Procedure Finder data
  • Our data scientists tailor extrapolation techniques to account for regionality and hospital purchasing behavior.


  • Pricetrack analysts work closely with the therapy analysts who write Clarivate Medtech360 reports
  • Market sizes and trends are verified with all our other medtech products, and any other relevant secondary sources

The strongest underlying data

  • Industry-leading hospital purchasing dataset with over 1,900 reporting hospitals, representing over 40% of the market


  • Our best-in-class client service carries a philosophy of collaboration in all planning, analysis and communication phases
  • Pricetrack’s client analysts feel like an extension of your team – working directly with you to give context and understanding to the data

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